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auch: seltsame musik

schön, dass denn doch mal jemand fragt: thank you: i am very glad some one asks what is all this krch.org about: was sollen diese seiten: first of all: "krch" is the german word krach (noise, furor, brut) de-formed, mineur-isiert, ineinandergekracht: and second of all: (in the second second of forever:) krch.org is the basic track: die am tiefsten verwurzelte abzweigung: to document some of the music and art projects ralf siemers is part of: and ralf siemers: that is me. yo. lol.

these projects include of course experimental small group improvisation with "sturclub", difficulterent noise badly disguised as "siemers", re-present-ing: wiedervergegenwärtigen: die werke der älteren götter: relics of thee elder gods: and more and more and more: discordiart: endwirr. die eine hälfte wird jetzt gar nicht verstanden haben, was ich eben gesagt habe: und die andere hälfte weiss noch immer nicht, was ein earsplittenladenboomer ist. so far.

guten morgen. since 1974 i was involved in hinlänglich unbekannte underground music projects like zimt, autofick, attraktiv und preiswert, die mütter,  the pinkees, D:U:R, klänguru´, schrecklein, die böde and many more. only few of these hystoric sounds survived on tapes, vinyl or cd: and some of these can be found here: copyleft and free to download. additional dis-information is included.

2006 still finds me involved with two musical projects: both incarnated in 1999 with rhizomatic traces dating back to the late sixties of the last century as randständig involved activists and rooted even more deeply
in about fourty centuries of selten gehörte musik. naja, ganz so ernst nehmen wir das ja auch nicht. zwei projekte also sind aktiv, two musical entities are currently working and playing: sturclub und siemers.

weiterhin geht es ein bisschen um mark perry  und alternative t´television, the fca legacy, kraut, katzen and more. ich lasse mich überraschen. the navigation on the left might help.