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the few people to find this page will be rather familiar with alternative t' television & mark perry. but here is a little aspect of their career you might not have been aware of: before claiming world domination as ATV or Alternative TV they contributed to a copyleft compilation of tracks by artists who exclusively played at free concerts, in re-communized houses or other revolutionary happenings...

Alternative T.V. (sic!!) in these times used to tour with the here&now band and were obviously fascinated by these experimental hippies. so they gave away this 10 minute rehearsal recording, that to my ears -though it was released in 1979- sounds like an out-take of thee industrial session in april 1977: thee noise of mark p. and alex fergusson assisted by genesis p-orridge and chris carter, may be.....

below is the cover of the cassette, a track listing, "terrified of dogs" and an additional bonus track.

F.O. 001 back to sing for free - various

Dick Heley - Void Burstin
Dick Heley - Photograph Of Feeling
Astronauts - Secret File
Astronauts - All Night Party
Astronauts - Back To Sing For Free Again Soon
Dick Heley & Blankspace - Fantasy
Anal Surgeons - Wheres That Fag
Dog Ends - Aint No Free Unless Its Free

Alternative TV - Terrified Of Dogs
[mp3: 128: 10,5 mb]

Alternative TV - Cold Rain (demo)
[mp3: 192: 6,7 mb]
from fuckoff wreckords tapezine #2, spring 1981


Wilful Damage - You Hang At Midnight
Wilful Damage - No-one Cares
Wilful Damage - Fictitious
Wilful Damage - Farewell To Innocence
Danny And The Dressmakers - Ernie Bishops Dead Body
Danny And The Dressmakers - How Hot Is A Match
Danny And The Dressmakers - John E BeGood
Danny And The Dressmakers - What The World Needs Now
Danny And The Dressmakers - Whole Lotta Pinball
Danny And The Dressmakers - Dont Make Another Bass Guitar
Danny And The Dressmakers - Manchester United
The Sell Outs - Rock + Roll Honcert
Seventh Angel - From A Sly Fox To A Pack Of Wolves
Amazing Zeepee Silent Orchestra - No Kung Future
Planet Gong - Psychedelic Man
Blankspace -


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