KLÄNG was conceived as an ongoing series of cd compilations to present rarely heard sounds from all over the world and of all times. every body was invited to contribute whatever original and copylefted sound sHe wanted to hear: no limitations, no censorship, no copyrights. a free copy of KLÄNG went out to every contributor, but all artists were asked to buy additional copies at prime cost to cover the expenses or to exchange copies of their own products with KLÄNG in return. the idea was to have a free association of distributors and artists: the idea was to have exclusive, interesting music and sound and vision on an inexpensive medium: the idea with every new edition of KLÄNG was to earn enough money to cover the cost for the following edition and to give away the rest of the print run in exchange for any thing or for free. - not a bad idea at all.

unfortuately the concept failed.

ALL but five artists (out of some 130 contributors) were content to get their free copy and add it to their collection of independent underground music. most of the contributors did not even let me know if their copy had arrived.

NONE but five artists (out of some 130 contributors) ordered additional copies for distribution.

so i had to cover 95% of all costs for three editions of KLÄNG.

though i feel not too sad about it (i love the music on thee cds: three very expensive collector`s items in my collection...) i can not afford an other edition of KLÄNG within the near future. but as so many artists sent in so much interesting music: may be some thing like KLÄNG might be released within the next twenty years.... if you sent in some sounds: please let me know if you want your material returned or if i may release it in some years under thee given requirements (copyleft, lo-fi distribution, affordable or free....)

in the process of editing and publishig KLÄNG i noticed, that i am much more interested in playing music than to deal with it as some kind of underground business man. i never was able to think mercantilistic, i guess. others do, and they obviously do a much better job than i do. and may be some one decides to adopt the concept of KLÄNG and might like to invite me as a contributor. for the near future my artistic, creative energy will go into my own music ....

the original KLÄNG and the list of tracks and contributors can be found here
all the best