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the time is right for fighting in the streets...

some of you might remember the "siemers inter pares "-cd that rasmus svensson released on push::the::button in 2002: 43 tracks back from the grave: siemers alone with his pc and in association and confrontation with the pinkees, zimt, D:U:R, herr rommel, john lennon and many more: 43 tracks created and/or treated between 1979 and 2002. you can still download the entire album (or even buy it) at push::the::button. it is released, as all my own works are, under the licence of copyleft: meaning every body may copy, change, edit or publish any sound for any purpose.
in 2003 burkhard kerlin of retinascan asked all of his artists to do re-mixes of the 43 tracks, to re-make/re-model them, to record cover versions or to completely destroy and/or ignore them. most of the artists answered in time, and burkhard compiled 43 tracks in the original running order for a three-cd-box: " siemers inter pares inter pares". this box comes with a very detailed booklet and offers extremely gifted artwork that develops the original ideas of rasmus svensson and with a lot of respect: rasmus is featured on one of these cds as well as (in running order): store, roner & tesen, bad comfort, nebogeo, machinist, machineboy, nq, carl kruger, naughtyboy, andrey kiritchenko, toiminto, forceps, chaos through programming, spezialagent, askesemann, unassisted, phoenelai, unyx, elektrodilly, omnid, instruction shuttle, unstern bedroht, aljen, pharmacom, elektr@, sabastian boaz, lo-bat., bill jarboe, cloe lock, lea siering, herschel krusztofskij, john kannenberg and jake elliott, mizati, king kerosene, sankt otten, makunouchi bento, future remix, xenoton, firestARTer, acidfake, intesticle, hyperkut and gintas k .
embarrassed, ashamed, indepted: and of course way too idle: i decided not to just send out 43 mails to say thank you. so instead i compiled another 43 tracks and persuaded burkhard to release them as a 3"-cd. all contributing artists will get a copy of "an instant party inter pares" for free. among equals you may find the likes of meri von kleinsmid, carl kruger, die mütter, autofick, sturclub, xtine burrough, ralf wehowsky, autoklick, forceps, rasmus again and many more. (by the time being: most of you should hold their copy in hands: if for any reason you were involved in " sipip " and did not get your copy: please let me know.)

siemers an albrecht/d.

difficult music for difficult people II

3way-split-cd RRs.R/2003/01 (with ripit and crank sturgeon)

you bitreduced my heart