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schön, dass denn doch mal jemand fragt: thank you: i am very glad some one asks what is all this about: was sollen diese seiten: first of all: "krch" is the german word krach (noise, furor, brut) de-formed, mineur-isiert, ineinandergekracht: and second of all: (in the second second of forever:) is the basic track: die am tiefsten verwurzelte abzweigung: to document some of the music and art projects ralf siemers is part of: and ralf siemers: that is me. yo. lol. these projects include of course experimental small group improvisation with "sturclub", difficulterent noise badly disguised as "siemers", re-present-ing: wiedervergegenwärtigen: die werke der älteren götter: relics of thee elder gods: and more and more and more: discordiart: endwirr. die eine hälfte wird jetzt gar nicht verstanden haben, was ich eben gesagt habe: und die andere hälfte weiss noch immer nicht, was ein earsplittenladenboomer ist. so far.

good morning, 2005. a lot of reasons fragmentated, delayed, suppressed, obscured and deleted most information you were supposed to find on the news pages in 2003 and 2004. manch loses ende aus den jahren 2003 und 2004 soll hier wieder aufgenommen werden; vieles wird aber im verborgenen bleiben: die gründe sind vielfältig: doch von dem einen grund: über den einen: werde ich nicht sprechen (von diesem her oder: darüber: werde ich schweigen): some information might be continued here: some will not.

bitte zu entschuldigen: my deepest aplogies go to wim of the mangenerated label and burkhard of retinascan. wim has released 20 minutes of my sounds on one of his wonderful 3-way-split cd-rs: in the company of nine rather harsh and disturbing tunes by ripit and crank sturgeon my seven tunes were an almost de-light counterpoint: der wirsche und manchmal ohrenätzende lärm von ripit und crank sturgeon wird von meinen sieben stückchen gestört: random: repeat. source material for these c-harming popnoise dicussions included works by D:U:R, herr rommel and cock esp, the wonderful cover art work alone is worth the money. - und auch in dieser zeit half mir burkhard bei manchem: retinascan helped me to release my tribute to the stuttgart fluxus artist albrecht/d.: the 3"-cdr "siemers an albrecht/d." included two tracks a/d. once recorded for the KLÄNG compilation series plus a lot of permutation, de-folding, re-coll-aging and zerklärung i did to some of his words and music. comes with explainatory cover art. some obscure information on this project might be hidden in here and here. please visit these two labels and buy all their product.

and again: good morning, 2005: some of you might remember: in late 2002 we were all invited to contribute very short tracks to a compilation that shawn of devoted and deadicated to all the 265 popes that served the catatholic church throughout the years since anno domini 32. harte, nervenfetzende arbeit: a long time it took and a very hard and energy and nerves swallowing work it was: but here comes white smoke!! "il programma di religione" is finally released: and it is so much fun: from dark folk to sheer white noise, from heaviest metal to relaxambient, from a capella to hip hop slam poetry: all styles served here: laissez faire strand! artists from all over the world include meri von kleinsmid, anaphylaxis, every kid on speed, ivan bachev, betafish, panoptic, lämant, unitedkronos, chefkirk, staplerfahrer and (you guess:) many many more. some pre-sturclub bands are involved as well as some of our friends and relatives: the likes of siemers, van daale, the lolly pope,, D:U:R, schrecklein, dj ee & mc d, traumwaffe, herr rommel and albrecht/d. - none of these tracks is longer than 14 seconds: and you will get a complete history of popular music of the last 2000 years in a little bit more than one hour: god created the random/shuffle button of your cd-player especially for this compilation: and even better: he did not forget the repeat button.

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