*** work in progress: new design of the site: navigation and frame *** i added the 1981 demo version of alternative tv´s "cold rain" to the atv collection that now includes two tracks: great. i found this particular version on a tapezine released by fuck off records in 1981 *** the "noise research programm" # 2 cd includes the siemers track "an land": find more in the wiki *** 14 minutes of sturclub music have been released on the cd accompanying "robots and electronic brains" # 15: find tracks and linernotes and more in the (yes!) wiki *** the 3" cd-r "an instantant party inter pares" was well hidden in the 2004 news: find it here again *** only recently unearthed: frisch ausgebuddelt: autofick rehearsal recordings from 1981 *** sturclub 2006: and: sturclub bewegnungen: i added some exclusive tracks: copyleft: free to download: never anywhere else *** guestbook is shared with insert your selves *** links: alte version: völlig unverständlich: neue version: mit version 4.3: old school: to come *** the mannheim pogo radio features the entire first side of the autofick tape "kopf zu! finger in arsch! pogo!" from 1982 as a free and copyleft download for your pleasure.