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while all my friends were listening to uriah heep and genesis: i loved brian eno and stockhausen...
so low alone     (0,5 mb)

die mütter. after punk with autofick, after proto-provo noise with attraktiv & preiswert and only short before reviving 60s trash with the pinkees: here is some hysteric zen pop. die mütter (the mothers) were: mîne callisti (drums, vocals), siemers (voice, drumns), luigi nicoletti (bass), oliver neitzel (guitar). listen:
sonne und stahl     (1,5 mb)

siemers and a pc: electroacoustic plunderdrones: sounds found, created and/or treated: hard diving instant composing:
blickwinck     (0,6 mb

klickmydeccababy    (0,9 mb)

2004-01-23 :
excerpt from: "die remsHeiden: in c8." -
petra maisch, uwe büchele, david dufour, ralf siemers: grandpiano.

                 c8 #14,     (2,2 mb)

sturclub : rehearsal out-take. fragments of dylan and german classic punk. short.
uwe büchele, david dufour, ralf siemers, wenne voran.

                 kfc:tired     (1,3 mb)

the pinkees. 60s underground with black stars and red flashes. hunting.
wenne voran (the lolly pope): drrrumns // siemers: vocals // jan (got lost in the process of growing old): saxxophon // gerald (got lost as well...) bass // zoran bihac (will never get lost): guitars. from the great lost rehearsal tape.

                   (sonics etc)           (2,0 mb)

                 can't stand still
                   (buzzcocks / troggs)    (1,8 mb)

sturclub . maisch. büchele. prechtl. siemers. voran. kruger. dufour. the essence (of/is) rare.

                der sturclub in hamburg: sonne, dylan und bier
                  (kfc, tired horses, grandpiano)        (1,9 mb)

and autofick: bloody revolutions. when we were young we used to pretend we were a punk band: punk as in "i am a cliché": very short songs: mono-bad recorded: no-futuresque punk comedy: living punk and spitting on punk: on most of the following recordings autofick were: siemers/vocals > sven blitzcreek/vocals > le marquis/guitarre > mall/bass > chris haas/drumnns > and/or neitzel/gitars > MLK/drums and/or some one else. two tracks from the very last recording session (6:16: sunday mornig: airfield erects: nnoise) and one track from a live recording in düsseldorf.
6:16 (1,5 mb)
6:16 (0,6 mb)
scheissbullenscheissstaatscheisspogoscheisspunks1981 (0,4 mb)

and nico: heroine: nibelungen: spielerei. electricity comes from other planets.

and faust: this is faust on 45; unheard.

anmut und schönheit.
anti-imperialisic occupied thiepval barracks in tübingen. siemers (badly guised as van daale) and christine (aka pogo-tine) messing around with an old cassette recorder. of hystoric interest only: barely musix.


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