the band sturclub incarnated in 2003: some of us met in multiformities of line-ups since 1983 and in various combinations including all of the four of us since 1998: rhizomatic roots and traces can be tracked down until 1967. fragmented scetches of our history of selten gehörte musik can be explored in our wiki.

the music has been described as free form chaos and/or kindergeburtstagslärm. das ist richtig. exactly.

since fall 2005 the core nucleus of sturclub is the trio infernale david dufour, werner voran and ralf siemers. uwe büchele has taken a time-out for a lot of reasons. more information and some music can be found on

sturclub: bewegnungen

the cd-r edition of sturclub:bewegnungen started in late 2005. it is a limited edition of 99 black cd-rs in silver metal boxes. each copy includes 99 short tracks and differs in artwork and tracklist: with every new handmade copy at least four tracks are replaced. so some tracks will only appear on some copies and # 28 or # 54 will be completely different to # 02. we will never sell any copy of this edition: some will be given away for free, most can be obtained in exchange for some of your music / art / ideas.

here are some tracks that have been replaced from sturclub:bewegnungen copy numbers 02-09: all are mp3s / 192kbps / under one minute long. and funny. somehow. listen:


sturclub: trio

dufour. voran. siemers.  2006. 

sugars mp3/192/68seconds
manchdrei mp3/192/84seconds