sturclub: deep wise noise
  all tracks: dufour, voran, büchele, siemers
dylan again: the best song he has ever written: with a little bit of ultravox thrown in at moments when everyone expects the spanish inquisition instead. from the one brain two cd set "sonne und stahl". a longer version of this song can be found on "the groovy sounds of...": sturclub records 001.
tired horses rock
mp3 / 128 / 2,3 mb

bankleer again: for one week in may 2004 the artists of bankleer lived and communicated in an installation / artroom on the second floor of the stuttgart employment agency. they had zombies walking around the agency, swamp-poetry readings with stumble beats, waiting line meditations and disturbing installations. all this and more was documented on video-tape. ralf siemers provided most of the soundtrack for that film using noise from sturclub and other entities. here is a rough and exclusive mix of some of these sounds, the dvd using different mixes of these sounds is available through bankleer.
mp3 / 128 /1,4 mb

düül again: an improvised scetch (improvised in rehearsal and re-improvised to the hard drive) that reminds us of amon düül: not, repeat: NOT!, amon düül 2.
mp3 /128 / 1,4 mb

ggggrand piano:, siemers, andreaduwa and deuf: 2004 deep impressions: lololong maelstrom pianissime: and i cry if i want to: inverness: what a masss. pia_no: rtfm.
mp3 / 128 / 4,4 mb

more to come

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